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Seattle WA $650 This queer, butch, femme, collective house is worth the rent!

$650 This queer, butch, femme, collective house is worth the rent!
(Central Area)
This enormous Victorian house is worth the money. You should check us out before you pay less for less. If you want to love the place you live in, this is the home for you. We all enjoy life, welcome new folks and guests into our home, and value our shared life here, in this 107-year old house and classic, Seattle neighborhood. We know our neighbors, the neighbors visit, and we have annual yard-sales and block parties. The house is elegant, neatly kept by all of us, and just funky enough to be really comfortable. There are rooms here one does not find in modern houses. We have a parlor and a front room. Ample cooks kitchen, including an outdoor urban fire-pit. And a dining room. There are three bathrooms, a basement for some storage, and a laundry room. The ceilings are high, there are hardwood floors, a nice backyard with flowers, a picnic table and herb/veggie garden. We like entertaining here. It is the kind of living situation you could bring your boss to and have a professional meeting, or you could bring your friends here for a fun party. We've got it all! If you are a queer female, please call us and check out this great situation. Please, no cigarettes, no canines or other felines.
Here's who we are: Four omnivores, plus three rescue kitties. Our occupations are: semi retired national parks bear-relocator, construction safety manager, private chef/costumer, and beer-geek/tour guide/nutritionist (Yes...that last entry is all one person.). Your room 9 ½ X 14. It has a window, wireless, DirectTV, landline, and a large closet. The rent is very worth the lifestyle you get when you live here!! $650 plus utilities/expenses. The freshly painted room and your new amazing, elegant, fun life are available now. You may move in now or Jan. 1st.

Call 206-783-4409
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